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Denise Dempsey
Jimmy Cullen 1936

looking for any information on jimmy cullen or any relatives last address know domingo vale liverpool parents from county wexford Ireland THANK YOU

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Roger Smith
Julie a. Dixon 1969

I first met Julie Critchfield in 1984. Julies date of birth was 14 March 1969.

In 1984, she was a pupil at St. Thomas More Catholic School, Darlaston Lane, Bilston, West Midlands. She left this school in summer 1985. She was living with her mother, Patricia, who was a divorcee (Im not sure if Patricia had the surname Critchfield or not).

From 1986, Julie attended Matthew Boulton College, Birmingham (duration unknown). Her mother married (in 1985, possibly 1986) Mr. Brian (Bryn) Jones and the family moved to live at Lilac Grove, Walsall, West Midlands.

From approx 1987 onwards for an unknown duration, Julie spent time in rented accomodation in the Dudley area as she was a student and we then lost touch.

In 1992, we did correspond with each other on several occasions, after she wrote to me saying she wanted to find out what had become of me. Sadly the letters have been lost, so I am unable to confirm her exact address at that point in time. However, she was living with her husband Julian Dixon at what I think was Baptist End Road, Netherton, Dudley, but I am by no means 100% sure about this.

Julie loved animals and owned a dog during the 80s called Russ.

Id love to hear from Julie again!

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Natalie Dean
Dean 1985

I am looking for my half brother, our fathers name is Steven Gordon Dean. my mums name is Janet (Surname Fisher at the time). The most i know is that when i was born my dad saw you for a little bit then lost contact, i think you might be about 20 or so now. i think he was working in a warehouse at the time.We were living in Pudsey just outside of Leeds. I dont know your first name as no one will tell me anything. Our dads mum is called Connie Dean, our dad also has sisters called Linda, Susan, Pamela and brothers called John and Michael.If this makes a difference our dad was quite a gambler, thats why him and my mum split up. My d.o.b is 29.10.1987. I hope you or anyone that knows you will see this as this situation has been getting me down for sometime, i dont know if your looking for our dad or not but i would really like to know you. I am currently 8 mnths pregnant, so you are going to be an uncle and this has spurred me on even more. You also have 3 other half sisters, Nicola, Caitlin and Paris. I do think of you as my brother and not just a half brother. my mobile is 07738463603.

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Simon Lewis
Tina Dont know 1968

Tina in 1994 you took me on an epic road trip from Calpe in Spain round spain through andora around France to belgium.. Please get in touch I would very much like to know what you are doing, how you are. You have been in my thoughts for 12 years I would like to say hello again..

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Steven DuguiD
Wilhelmina DuguiD 1952


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Amanda Dalby
Ashwak RiDha 1974

I would love to find Ashwak, my friend from school. She would now be 32 years old. We lost contact in 1995 when I moved house and lost her address and phone number. She had just got married. I think her husbands name was Basim and that her new surname began with B (Barakat or similar). She has very striking green eyes and did have long brown hair but of course that could be shorter now and a completely different colour. The last address I had for her was in Ealing, London but obviously she could be living anywhere now. If you know her could you please let her know about this website and tell her that her friend Amanda from Queensgate would love to hear from her.

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Wendy Dobner
Janet elizabeth Hullot

Her name is Janet Elizabeth Hullot or Hulott she later married and her name changed to Wise. I was born in Dartford Hospital on the 11th November 1969 and my name is Wendy. I was brought up by Mr Fredrick (Joe) and Mrs Winifred (Paddy) Horth.As I recall we lived in Erith Kent untill we moved to Hackney London. I have records to say she tried to see me in 1972 but access was not given. Please if you have any info reply to this message. THANK YOU.

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Tammy Davies
Joanne Harvey/burke

hi if you are joanne or know of joanne could you please contact me im your eldest daughter you gave up 17 years ago.

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Jaweed AhmeD
Tracy Dykes 1967

I am looking for my sister who i lost contact with about twelve years ago. we were both born in bradford my name was Andrew Raymond Dykes I was born in 1965 and my sister was born in 1967 Angela Tracy Dykes, Tracy was adopted at birth I was sent to Pakistan by my father at five years old, racy came looking for our father but he denied being her dad and she went away and I lost contact with her please tracy get in touch with me I am sorry I let you down last time.

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Sammie Davie
Wayne Newton 1970

anyone knowing Wayne Newton contractor working on Morrisons supermarket winter of 1996 in sunderland please get in touch. Was moving house and lost address thank you

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Samantha PritcharD
Joanne Davies 19


Hi there are you any relation to RICHARD JOHN DAVIES BORN 20th JUNE 1950 in Shrewsbury or know him? He was known as JOHN.

He used to be a Hotel Porter, paper seller in Shrewsbury and a builder. He died I believe around 7th April 2004 in Leeds/Yorkshire.

He was married to my birth mum Lynda Sharp in 26th JULY 1980 she was born JANUARY 1960 Nr Leicester and they had myself SAMANTHA DAVIES I was born 4th FEBRUARY 1981 and my brother JONATHAN MARK DAVIES was born24th Feb 1983 both at Royal Shrewsbury Maternity Hospital. Myself n my brother are adopted separately. I am in contact with my brother!

I am looking for my half Sister JOANNE or JOANNA DAVIES who is in her late 20s or possibly early 30s - she was from my birth fathers 1ST marriage/partner to CAROLYN or CAROLINE! Not sure on the spelling. Unfortunately this is all I know - so its not much info at all - also seeing if I have any other relatives too especially siblings.

He was last living in Shropshire/Shrewsbury but apparently moved on to Oswestry n I guess to West Yorkshire, he obviously moved about alot. I know he had two other children after Jonathan n myself who are also adopted called KAREN n SIAN and their birth mother was called I believe ANN-MARIE HUMPHRIES. I have found these two girls.

I believe his latest wife was called GLENDA MAUREEN DAVIES who lived in West Yorkshire they both did.

HIS FATHER was called HENRY NORMAN DAVIES but had died before 1980 not sure when (he worked as a Bailiff and a farm worker not sure of anything else)

HIS MOTHER was called MURIEL JOAN DAVIES maiden name was FILDES
HE had a BROTHER called ROY DAVIES who had a partner called FREDA or possibly was his wife.

HE had a SISTER MARGARET who had 2 or 3 children and she may had a partner or married to a DON maybe, but not 100%

The mother Muriel I believe had a partner or even married maybe a Tom!

Please if you know anything please help me! As this means so much to me

I would be most grateful if you can get in contact with me as soon as poss!
Thank you

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