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Sharon Hanlon
Sonya mary Jones 1966

Twin girls born2.7.1966 In Bangor Wales searching for birth parents Elizabeth pritchard and Sam Tubbs they were adopted 1967 In 2003 Sonya mary jones posted this message, I have some information for you.

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Bryan Jones
Gary bryan Jones 1978

sons name : gary bryan jones
born peterborough 1977/78 mothers maiden name , debbie ann fox ,my name bryan jones ,born place of birth north wales ,
garys grand parents : ann fox ,jhon fox ,
aunty/uncles :terry fox,colin fox,diane fox, last known address abernant cresent markham blackwood , colin was ex army moved to north wales ,grandparent ann was pot noodle factory worker ,debbie known to work in a tesco
store , any information gained appreciated to

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Linda Jones
David neil Jones 1966

I am looking for my nephew. Born in Shropshire July, 1966.
Grandson of Grace Hartley.
I have not seen him since 1969. At that time he was living with mother in London area. Lost contact & wish to hear from him.

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Susan Jillott
Matthew Jillott 1984

If anyone knows wereabouts of Matthew Daniel jillott now known as Clark its his mum wanting to no hes safe well and happy even if he wishes no contact after it would be the best Xmas present I could wish for to anyone who may know Matthew his birth test Nov 27th 1984

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Helen Jaume
Annette Holmes 1965

I was born 12/08/65, as Annette Holmes, at St. LUKES Hospital, Bradford. I was given up in adoption at the age of 6 weeks. I would like to contact my birth mother. I do not know her name, only that she was 16 yrs old when I was born, and was at a Mother and baby Home. I would like some possible medical information. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I fully respect that she may not want contact, and may have family who do not know I exist.

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Emma Jones
Andrew/andy Darwin 1971

I am seeking andy an old friend from aberdeen, he moved to edinburgh and like to spend as much time as he can in Canada. His parents stay outside aberdeen and he has a younger brother and younger sister. he is born in August in the year 1971/2 - he like to wear a goatie :) thank you for helping

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Matt James
Taylor Brennen 1999

Hello, Im trying to find my long lost brother taylor if anyone has any information please contact me!

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Aimee Jones
Mohammed/sabir Younis/hussain 1957

Im searching for a man on behalf of Alexander Tabraz Younis 10/02/1982. We have very few details and some that may not be correct. In a relationship with Donna Hanby in 1980s and had a child in 1982 in Halifax, west Yorkshire, who was put into care and adopted. He does not speak with his Mum because she will not give details of his father or his whereabouts, she is not happy that he wants to know who he is. Please get in touch if any one has any information at all. We have been searching for years but with no luck.

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Tina Jefferies
Gordon h Cave 1936

Looking for the above person who is my husbands Father thanks

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Jonathan Bryan
Wayne Johnson 1966

I am looking for my half brother Wayne Lee Johnson born first quarter 1966 or his mother Marrianne Johnson (nee Frost). She married Barry Johnson in 1965 and Barry is recorded as Waynes father. However, Waynes biological father is the same as mine. I was born Jonathan Derek Potts Sep 1970

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Jenny Fry
William john James 1886

Hi All,

Im looking for any information on my Great Grandfather William John James, he was married to Cicely Mary Harris was her maiden name.

They lived in Tonbridge, Kent in Nelson Avenue, I think they moved there from Bramley, Surrey in about 1921.

They has 2 children Joan Elizabeth May Fry nee James and William Fry.

William Sr one day walked out on his family, and was never heard of again.

If anyone knows where amd when he died,and what happened in the meantime when he left his family.
I would appreciate any information.

Kind Regards

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