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Michael Prebula
Any Hayes 1927


My name is Michael(Mike) Prebula. My wife Beverly and I will be coming to the UK the last week of July, 2010 and will be visiting through the third week of August. The
reason for this letter to you is to inquire if I am a relative of yours. You see my mother
was originally from Kings Lynn and I am interested in finding any of my relatives.

My motherís maiden name was Margaret Alice Hayes. My father Edward was stationed in the UK in the 1940ís where he met and married my mother. Let me tell you
the little I do remember of my motherís family. Margaretís motherís name was Lillian(?) and I do not remember her fatherís name. My mother passed away years ago but if she
were still living she would be in her early 80ís. I am 62 years old.

My motherís brotherís names were Peter, Michael and Charles(not really sure about Charles). I remember that her brother Peter was in a motorcycle accident when he was
younger. I donít remember if she had any sisters.

My brother Richard(Richie) and I visited Kingís Lynn when we were very young. We
traveled to the UK on the Queen Mary(ship). I also seem to remember that my Uncle Mike used to box as a young man.

If you feel that we may indeed be related please contact me. My contact information
Is below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

Michael Prebula
16 Acacia Way
Vallejo, CA 94591

email address:
phone number: 707 642-5039

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Ruth Courtney
Tom or dana Petty 56

I am trying to contact Tom Petty or wife, Dana. To call me in USA Ruth Courtney

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Beverly Pinch
Harold roy Jones 1944

im looking for harold roy jones, who was engaged to marry my mother pamela carter, she was pregnant at the time with his son, when he meet arlette at the pub he was working in it was her parents pub the park hotel charing cross birkenhead wirral...
he married arlette in 1968 or 69 i know he has 2 daughter

My Mother or brother dont want to upset his life at all or have any contact with him all he wants is a family health history as my brother has heart trouble and the drs need medical history of his father, if this is possiable please give as much info as possiable i dont want my brother to die

thanks my e-mail is or 0775 444 2120

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Richard PhillPott
Jerry Stewart 1952

Im trying to contact Mr jerry stewart formely of coatsbridge /old monkton the 1971 he would have had friends in the malden and kingston upon thames area of london...I would very much like him to contact me ... you...all information recieved will be dealt with in the strictest confidence

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Gill Palmer
Peter Keenan 1955

Please get in touch if you know a Carole or Adam Drury..... Urgent

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Albert Pijl
Gerardus Pijl 1952

Please Contact Your Brother

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Liz Solman
Michael aka henry Peaks or Peeks 1971

This is a long shot, but Im looking for an old friend. He used to be known as Henry but his real name was Michael Peaks (possible spelt Peeks). He also called himself Mickey for a while, and is possibly still known as that.

I last saw him in Maidstone, Kent, but almost certain he left many years ago. Maybe to Scarborough. He is about 38 years old, black hair and very bule eyes.

If anyone has any info at all, even something that may fill in a gap on a very patchy trail, please email me. Thank you.

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Anita Rielly
Christina Purcell 1946

My name is Mrs Rielly and Im trying to contact John and Christina Purcell, with a daughter Karen who lives in the USA, last known address Milton Keynes

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Arnold PaPillon
Shelia Allen 1954

i am looking for my daughter shelia allen. she lived in colby england. i only saw her once. i live in the us and would like to meet and see her again

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Victor Caslle
Pamla Page nee taylor 1929

Dear Pam
Found some 0ld photos re the above love to hear if you are still around!!
Cheers Vic.

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Jeanie Hughes (nee harvey)
Corrine Pressley 1979

I am looking for the younger sister I didnt even know I had until very recently.

I had already gone into foster care, she was born in the late 1970s/early 1980s

Our mothers name is pamela harvey and we were born in Hackney (or the surrounding area)

Please get in touch.

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