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Mary Perez
Dave Greens 1960

been looking for some trace of you for quite sometime now. Just want to know latest things about you.

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Joa og niels Nielsen
Jill and kevin Gill 1939

We met you first in France, in summer 1970, on camp in Roquebrune near Menton.
We then had 3 children, Bibi, Bo and Steffen. Later we were in London in 1981 and you send some fine flowers to the Hotel where we lived.
Our adress is : Ørebjergvej 24, 4000 Roskilde. Hope to hear from you.

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Deepika Gandhi
Deepika Gandhi 1979

I am looking for Deepika from two years ago since February, 2008. I had married her on 25 July, 2007. I am very sad. Please reply.

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Carol GarrinGton
John Barnes 1950

John is the only son of Ronald Barnes and Margaret Postgate. It would be nice to be able to complete the family tree. Thank you.

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Jonh GunninG
John Richmond 1937

Hi i am searching for a John Watson Muir Richmond
Name:John Watson Muir Richmond
D.O.B: 25/08/1937
Place of birth: Kilwinning Maternity Hospital
Kilwinning, Ayrshire
Last known address: 12 Greenhill park
NW10, London
Nationality at birth: Scottish

If anyone knows this person or any information could you please contact me
Thank you!!!

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Gerard FerGuson
James Gordon 1960

my name is gerard ferguson i was born 8th april 1985 my mothers name was lorraine ferguson. i am looking for my dad james easton gordon, his nickname was jocker, his birthday is 6th may late 1950s early 1960s. he was originaly from glasgow but moved to ayshire, his whereabouts is unknown now. if anyone knows of him could they contact me through this email address please. thank you

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Paul Quinton
Sue Grainer 1952

Susan is from Cambourne / Redruth area, Cornwall and came to lodge in Springfield Avenue, off Martin Way in Lower Morden, Surrey. I worked with my father in the Greengrocers on Martin Way, close to and just beyond the corner of Springfield Avenue. Susan and I struck up a friend/relationship. This would be the early 70’s. She moved to a flat share in the West Brompton/ Kensington area with Frances. A friend of mine, Roy and I went to visit. Frances and I struck up a relationship and Roy also did with Susan. I went to stay as often as I could and I remember being at parties there. Great times. A particular favourite song, at the time, was Jean Genie by David Bowie. I think I also remember copious amounts of ‘Party Sevens’. Frances took me to meet her mother and sister in the Croydon area, where they lived. I was going thru’ some problems at the time and this led to our break up.

Later, and I can’t remember how, but I went to visit Susan and Frances again. They had moved to a house in the Hampstead area. I remember cooking us all a curry. Frances had met another, I believe, a Chinese guy at work. I think I can remember that she walked with me to the Tube station afterwards.

I went to live in Staffordshire, with a job as a professional vocalist/musician at a Mecca Ballroom. I went to an Antiques Fair at Bingley Hall, Stafford; this would be 1978/9 approximately. I was looking at stalls when I noticed Frances selling items from one of them. We started a conversation and she told me that she now lived with her partner in Leeds. I remembered that she had previously loaned me a book so I asked if I could return it. She gave me her address and I returned it. Somehow we lost contact after that as I never heard back.

Both Susan and Frances would be in their mid 50’s now.

Sue: Lived in Cambourne at Belmont, 32, Bassett Street, Cambourne, Cornwall TR14 8SP / 01209
In London at: 3, Springfield Avenue, Lower Morden, Surrey
In London with Frances: 37 Sedlescombe Road, Fulham, SW6
19 South Hill Park, Hampstead, NW3

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Clare Goodall
Eric john Beard 1921

I am looking to find my grandfather. His name is eric john beard born approx 1921 in Cambridge I believe. He had 3 children with my grandmother; leslie, graham and jean. My mother lost contact with him back in the 1970s before I was born. He was divorced from my grandmother and may have remarried or even had more children. If you know anything at all please get in touch.

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Jane HiGGin
Adam Grice-roberts 1963

iam looking for an old friend we new each other in 1986 when we worked on Blackpool transport. We then lost touch in 1997.

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M Fletcher
Andrea p. GoldinG 1958

Desperately searching for Andrea to ask about her association with J. P. F. (her first? marriage). Would appreciate any help in finding her.

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Sarah Gibson
John Whelan 1945

im trying to trace my father. dont know much but his name was john whelan whos family were from wexford Ireland. he dated my birth mum kathleen wright in 1968 but were parted before i was born. i was adopted at birth but found my birth mum and now would like to find my natural father. thanks for taking the time to read this message.

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