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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Elaine Bretherton
Beverley Whitton , born 1962 , town Ashton-Under-Lyne

I am looking for my half sister who was adopted in 1963. Her birth name was Beverley Anne Whitton and her date of birth is 10/12/1962. She was adopted by a family from Ashton-under-Lyne in the Manchester area.
REPLY ON: 03/10/2012 18:29:33
From Cindy Winter , town Cayce
I think I have been duped by this same person under an alias. She claimed to be my adopted daughter. I need a picture of her to make an ID. I have a broken heart and this needs to be prosecuted. She has a rather large lump on her lower neck-upper back and claimed it was inoperable cancerous tumor and had less than a year to live. She was not deaf. If anyone has a picture or mug shot I would be most grateful.

REPLY ON: 09/12/2006
From Tinia Holder , born 0 , town Bland , significant Date 0
My name is Tinia. I am an adoptee who has been searching for quite some time. I have the same birthdate as the person you are seeking. Can we compare notes?

REPLY ON: 10/12/2006
From Elaine Bretherton , born 0 , town Leigh , significant Date 0
Hi Tinia,
I would be very happy to compare notes :) Please let me know what you already know and this way I will be able to confirm things with you. I await your response, Regards, Elaine

REPLY ON: 22/02/2007
From Glenn Sizemore , born 0 , town Cincinnati, OH , significant Date 0
Ms. Bretherton- Could you please contact me regarding a matter I would like to discuss that is very important regarding your posting. Please! I think I have some answers for you!!!


REPLY ON: 23/02/2007
From Elaine Bretherton , born 0 , town Leigh , significant Date 0
Hi Glenn

Please let me know your contact details


REPLY ON: 15/03/2007
From Glenn Sizemore , born 0 , town Cincinnati , significant Date 0
Ms. Bretherton,

My contact info is:


I have a few very important question I want to ask about a previous response to your inquiry that I feel you may be able to help me out with.

Thank you for your time and reply!

Glenn Sizemore
Cincinnati, OH

REPLY ON: 11/06/2007
From Glenn Sizemore , born 0 , town Cincinnati , significant Date 0
I have a different e-mail address, Ms. Bretherton, please e-mail me so that I can ask you some info you may have received from Tinia Holder.

REPLY ON: 20/08/2007
From barbara s , born 0 , town Ocala , significant Date 0
Glen and Elaine I am an adoption search angel can you please contact me...

REPLY ON: 30/11/2007
From Cathy Cordova , born 0 , town ALamogordo , significant Date 0
Hello my name is Cathy Cordova. I was scammed by Tinia Holder through adoptee connect. She came to New Mexico posing as my friends birth daughter. She wrote me a bad check. She just left new mexico this monday and I am pursuing her through the local das office and possibly FBI if I can gather enough information. She attempted another adoption scam in Mississippi. I spoke with that lady yesterday. Any information you have will be helpful. Thank you.

REPLY ON: 22/04/2008
From Ellie Kaufman , born 0 , town Goderich , significant Date 0
Hi, my name is Ellie Kaufman. If you get any info from Tinia Holder, I would apprecite hearing from you. If this is the same person, she left Ontario, Canada in 2006 and left us with bad cheques and borrowed substantial amounts of money. She posed as my birth daughter, born April 28, 1969. She was adopted in Virginia by a Jewish family so she said. Beware.

REPLY ON: 29/04/2008
From Barbara Johnson , born 0 , town FLORIDA , significant Date 0
THis Tina Holder has an extensive criminal past out in Saccramento CA, she has MANY MANY aliass
BEWARE!!! she has scammed about 3 people so far that I am helping to reconnect with their birth families... She poses as the person you are searching for and then lets her evil wrath go!
SHE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! BEWARE BIG TIME!!! do not give her any checks or money you will be sorry!

REPLY ON: 30/04/2008
From Elaine Bretherton , born 0 , town Leigh , significant Date 0
Dont worry folks. This Tinia Holder person has never got back in touch with me, and I must admit that alarm bells did ring when she sent me the message in the first place. I am a very sensible person and would never offer money or lend money etc to anybody who i do not know. I realise that there are a lot of nasty people out there who prey on peoples vulnerability. I am now searching for my half sister through another source which is very reliable, we have found her birth certificate,her adoption papers, we know that her first name was changed when she was adopted and we are now in the process of finding out if she is married by looking for a wedding certificate, so we are getting very near to finding her.

REPLY ON: 30/04/2008
From Ellie Kaufman , born 0 , town Goderich , significant Date 0
So glad Tinia or whatever her name really is never scammed you. I am a sensible person as well, but I was taken in. She was so believable, however, I did question her several times and was denied an answer or subject was changed abrubtly. I have contacted authorities in Ontario, Canada and hopefully they can do something to put a stop to her.

Good Luck in your search.


REPLY ON: 24/06/2008
From One Person , born 0 , town NONE , significant Date 0
Tinia Carol Holder contacted me last Autumn, claiming to be my birthmother. She e-mailed first, and I called. She said her name was Carol. She had NO info on the birth, but was pleasant sounding and I wanted it to really be my mom. I never game her money, nor did she ask.

She didnt tell me her full name-- I looked it up by her phone number.

How could someone be so cruel and claim they are your long lost birthmother (or relative)? So sad, so mean.

Her contact info that she gave me was:
e-mail: doggracieandme@hotmail.com
phone: 727.729.9778

Said she was living in Florida. Said she worked at a factory.

Internet searches for her name gave me this information:

Tinia Carol Holder
Birthdate: 06/30/1959

Relatives or individuals with similar names living at her previous address(es)
MOBILE, AL 36608
(251) 455-7075

Previous addresses from internet searches include Chicago, IL
Mobile, AL
Sacromento, CA
Sheridan, IL
Summit Argo, IL
Tampa Area, FL

REPLY ON: 26/06/2008
From Ellie Kaufman , born 0 , town Goderich , significant Date 0
To one person. I was wondering, if Tinia is truly deaf, how she talked to you on the phone. Did she have someone with her to sign what you were saying? The police in Ontario, Canada are considering laying charges of impersonation charges with fraudulent intent. We might get her if she tries to cross the Border again. We have to STOP her.

REPLY ON: 26/06/2008
From none none , born 0 , town none , significant Date 0
There is a person by the name of Tinia Holder who went to a deaf school in AL. Someone posted that she was deaf on the adoption forums. A lady on there who talked to her said that when she called, a younger sounding person answered, saying Tinia wasnt home. The lady called back an hour later, again getting the young person. The young person gave the phone to Tinia. She may or may not be entirely deaf, but she could have the younger lady in the home signing to her.

Someone on the adoption forums said that her friend had brought Tinia to New Mexico. That person said Tinia was deaf, had a dog, and had written them bad checks. I cant find the message, but the adoption forums has a few people talking about this woman. I saw the thread and did a search for her email/name also.

REPLY ON: 27/06/2008
From Ellie Kaufman , born 0 , town Goderich , significant Date 0
I am not going to give up on finding this Holder person. She arrived in NEW MEXICO driving a blue Ford vehicle and had a dog named Gracie. She arrived at a persons place posing as the persons friends birthdaughter. Holder wrote this person bad cheques and also stole a laptop from a moving company. She left New Mexico the week of Nov.30/07. Person contacted local sheriffs office but they wouldnt do anything. I asked this person for a description of Tinia as she had been with us for over a year and I wanted to be sure we were talking about the same person. She described her right down to the lump on her neck but didnt mention that she was deaf and her yellow dog Gracie. She obtained the dog before she left Ontario, Canada in 2006 by working for it on a farm We assumed she was deaf when she was with us. She had a deaf voice. The one thing that she would say, how could you give up your baby? I wouldnt give my dog away to strangers. You through me away like yesterdays garbage. She tried hard but she never made me feel guilty about the past. I want so much to stop her from hurting other people in the adoption triad.

REPLY ON: 29/08/2008
From Officer Rain , born 0 , town Minnetonka, Minnesota , significant Date 0
I am a Police Officer in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I am investigating an adoption fraudcase and the suspect sounds like the same person you are talking about here. I have identified the suspect in my case. If you have not reported this to your local police department I encourage you to do so. Please feel free to share my contact information with each other, other forums and or your local law enforcement. Any questions please feel free to contact me.

Officer Rain
Minnetonka Police Department
14600 Minnetonka Boulevard
Minnetonka MN 55345

REPLY ON: 29/10/2012 17:05:58
From Ellie Kaufman , town Holyrood
In reply to Cindy Winter - Cayce
I have picture of person you seek. If you would like to contact me, I will forward you the picture. I was taken BIG TIME.

REPLY ON: 15/03/2013 19:14:18
From John Smith , town Anytown
I was scammed back in the mid 80s by this person. She was caught and released on bail numerous times after taking someone else to the cleaners. From the names listed above (and after hearing some of the locations and claims made by her) Im pretty sure this is who you are looking for.

Hope you catch her.