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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Louise little(nee)cooper
Darren Ellis Gardner , born 1965 , town Not Known

If anyone has any information of the whereabouts of Darren Gardner. I would be most grateful as he is my halfbrother and I would desperately love to find him.
REPLY ON: 02/05/2009
From SARAH (burke) was -WILSON , born 0 , town liverpool , significant Date 0
hi, is there a ray or roy related to either other, and he had a little girl 1984 to diane jane wilson?

REPLY ON: 15/02/2008
From niki stark , born 0 , town york , significant Date 0
Dear Louise, Hi! I am trying to find information on a guy who calls himself darren ellis. He is currently living in cardiff and the age would match. He has recently moved in with a friend of ours who has 2 young children and several of us have non specific concerns about him.

He claims to have been in the army/foreign legion for some time and is approx 510 slim to medium build, blue grey eyes (I think) and shaved hair (looks like it is probably darkish

If this would tie in at all I would be grateful for you letting me know any info you have

Many many thanks


REPLY ON: 00:01:44
I am trying to get back in touch with a Darren Gardner. Can you give me more information about him. i.e. Age, place of birth as I have information which you may find useful

REPLY ON: 10/03/2006
From louise little , born 0 , town brighton , significant Date 0
hi further to your reply,darren is 41 this july and he was born in watford the resided in scunthorpe i beleieve, if you have any info i would be glad to here from you ,thaks louise.