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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
kathryn takle
Andre Eyles , born 1958 , town Frome

Im looking for my biological father,he was born in West Berlin,moved to wiltshire with his family,met my mother and moved to frome they decided to put me up for adoption 23 years ago.If anyone has any information on him please get in contact with me.
REPLY ON: 14/07/2006
From Christina Eyles , born 0 , town Devizes , significant Date 0
This is strange im looking for my dad... Andre Eyles, my mum and him got married and had me and my older brother, they had a rocky relationship (i think he cheated alot?) I have not seen him since i was 5. One of his brothers was called Lawrence... my uncle. I know my dad was born in Germany (it says so on my birth certificate), his mum (my Gran) lived in Pewsey, last i heard he is living in peterborough! Appently he was at Pewsey carnival (Wiltshire) last year in the same pub i was and i never even reconised him!? I have also found out i have a sister called sarah - Goddard(An affair of his before i was born).... Is this the same man?? Am i barking up the wrong tree? My mum is called Julie (his first wife i think?), his other son (my bro) is called Ricky.... I hope this is makin sence kinda excited i may be able to make contact after so long. My name is Christina Ann Eyles born March 25th 1986!! If this is true i cant help wondering how many more bros and sisters do i have??

REPLY ON: 14/07/2006
From Christina Eyles , born 0 , town Devizes , significant Date 0
By the way if you have any info... ANY1 my email address is..... christina_eyles@hotmail.com

REPLY ON: 30/12/2006
From ROBERT SMERDON , born 0 , town CREDITON , significant Date 0
looking for information of my Mothers Familly, the Goddardsof Pewsey Uncle len (CARNIVAL) Grandmother Kate, Granfather Robert -Painter and decorator -fell off his ladder and died

REPLY ON: 01/12/2005
From Lawrence Eyles , born 0 , town Enford , significant Date 0
I have sent an email to your msn email. If you are still looking for Andre, please email me or post here.