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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Gillian Heath
Gareth Gladman , town Basingstoke

I am searching for Gareth Richard Gladman born 31/01/1980 last known to be living in Basingstoke, Hampshire and married on 5/05/2001 to Susie
REPLY ON: 23/01/2007
From Damian White , born 0 , town Basingstoke , significant Date 0

If you get this message, can you give me contact details for Gareth, Its Damian, his old school mate, just trying to get in contact with him to catch up.
If you could email me his details that would be great.

Damian White

REPLY ON: 16/04/2006
From Richard Gladman , born 0 , town Horley , significant Date 0

I was just on the net and came accross your enquiry for locating Gareth.

Come Back to me and let me know who you are and i might be able to put you in contact