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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
mr Coles
Sadie Muirhead , born 1946 , town Bristol

It would mean so much to me if I could find news of my mother, who left home soon after I was born (I was brought up by my father). She is Sadie Coles nee Muirhead. She married William Henry Coles in 1946 in Islington, London and they had three children, twins and myself, Charles Thomas Tolfrey Coles. Sadie left home in the 1950ís and was last seen in Bristol in the 1960ís. None of the Muirhead family in London know anything about her. Do please reply if you know anything at all.
REPLY ON: 04/11/2013 08:43:37
From Teresa Muirhead , town Riverton, Utah
I am searching to know the name of my fathers mother. My father is John Thomas Muirhead born Kensington, England in 1930. My father knew his father but the woman on my dads birth certificate was a woman my fathers father was married to in 1922 but later left for who knows what. We, therefore do not know who his mother was because he was placed in an orphanage as a small boy and was unwanted by his mum and dad. I know this doesnt have much to do with your question. Its a shot in the dark really. I noticed the same last name and similar proximity of residence of your ancestor. Any thoughts?

REPLY ON: 15/12/2008
From Dave Lawlor , born 0 , town Arizona , significant Date 0
I saw your message and would like to recommend that you contact The Office of Population for England/Wales at Phone 01704569824 If your mother has received any medical care thru the NHS over there they would know her last known address. They would also know if she is still living.
Good Luck....Dave Lawlor Letsflyaway69@aol.com

REPLY ON: 14/11/2006
From Fiona aka Mary Lewington , born 0 , town Pontyclun , significant Date 0
Hi Charles, did you find your mum yet? I`ve had a look at your parents marriage and also tried to find your birth but the only CHARLES T COLES I could find was 1 born in Cardiff in 1952? Is that you? If so then your mothers maiden name wasnt MUIRHEAD it was BOWMAN, could you e-mail me and let me know if thats you as I`ve also searched for a birth for your mum and cant find one, is it possible that she was adopted? Let me know then I can try to help you a bit more, ps, I was adopted, thats where my interest comes from and I know how to find people, ok, Mary

REPLY ON: 25/05/2008
From jessica martin , born 0 , town newport , significant Date 0
i have seen him