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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Suzan Thomson
margaret carrier , town unknown

My name is Suzan, and I would so much like to find news of my birth mother. I was born during World War II and given for adoption because my motherís husband was away at the war, and was not my father, who was a Flight Sergeant in the RAF, killed in 1945 aged 23. UKPF have found that my mother and her husband were married in 1941 in Basford, Nottingham, and were Samuel and Margaret Carrier. Margaret Carrierís maiden name was Henshaw. I was born 29.9.1944 in Keyworth, Nottingham. Most grateful for any news at all of Margaret Carrier nee Henshaw.
REPLY ON: 00:05:45
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REPLY ON: 00:00:27
From andrea henshaw
hello, i have just seen your message i have never heard of a margaret carrier, but our family name is henshaw, we live in wigan manchester. i shall ask the family about a margaret carrier, but i doubt she is any relation, i shall ask anyway. Hope i can be of help. Andrea Henshaw.Officegirlwigan@aol.com

REPLY ON: 00:01:03
From Bryan Banston
Hi Suzan,I am a descendant of the Henshaw family from Nottingham.My Grandmother Annie Henshaw migrated to Australia in the 1920s.Do you know who Margarets father was .. his christian name.I could then see if she fits into our family tree.By chance I am working on this at present.Cheers Bryan.

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From Liane M Dearman
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REPLY ON: 25/03/2006
From roseleen barton , born 0 , town birmingham , significant Date 0
Hi susan, I came across a birth of a Keith Carrier, born in jul aug sep quater of 1941, His mothers maiden name was Henshaw,his father Carrier.Born in nottingham, There may be a chance he is your elder half brother? If you want to contact me, my email is roseleen.barton@btinternet.com There is names of carrier from basford, although you are looking for margaret, they may have connections if keith is your brother.