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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Tim Parsons
Margarita Foley , born 1959 , town Croydon

My name is Tim, but I was born 31.12.1959 Noel Foley in the Mayday Hospital, Thornton Heath, Surrey, and given for adoption. My motherís name was Margarita Foley, and at the time she lived in Birdhurst Road, Croydon.
REPLY ON: 30/03/2016 19:39:27
From martin walkerdine , town leicester
Margarita Foley in 1956 married Mr Thomas Joseph Conboy in Islington, London

Margarita Conboy aged 88 and Thomas Conboy aged 91 are now living in Stanmore at 100 LANGLAND CRESCENT from 1983 to 2015 not sure if she still at address in 2016 but Thomas lived at location only until 2007

Hope this helps you Tim Parsons

REPLY ON: 22/12/2008
From elaine ayton , born 0 , town bexleyheath , significant Date 0
i lived near your mothers address and was in mayday at the same time as your mum have you tried on friends reunited i have found many old friends and family members and it is free to use just type in the road and your mums name you may have some luck hope you do

REPLY ON: 16/02/2015 21:44:28
From Wendy Craddock , town Llanidloes
Dear Tim.
Here is a link to help you access the records you seek to find out about your birth mother. https://www.croydon.gov.uk/sites/default/files/articles/downloads/adoption_history-croydon.pdf
Hope this helps.
There may be records to state her next address after Birdhurst Lodge.
Best of luck.