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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Paul Clemence
Thomas Fortune , born 1948 , town New Zealand

My name is Paul, and I was born on 8th July, 1948 in London. I was adopted and brought up by a loving family in England, but shortly after my birth my natural mother emigrated to Australia. UKPF have found her, and we have enjoyed a reunion after all these years. My natural father went to New Zealand. He was 36 years old then, so is probably not alive today, but if anybody has news of him or any family in New Zealand, do please be in touch. His name is Thomas Fortune, and he was a Mining Engineer
REPLY ON: 10/10/2011
From Joanne Gregory , town Wellington
Are you still looking ? e-mail me if you are, I can help jogregory@xtra.co.nz

REPLY ON: 24/08/2013 02:19:29
From Tony Fortune , town Reefton
Contact me.would be nice to hear from you.

REPLY ON: 21/02/2008
From marlene wilson , born 0 , town reefton , significant Date 0
Dear Paul,
There was a man called Tom Fortune who worked in the Reefton mines. His eldest son is called Thom who is in ? Christchurch NZ. Another son Tony Fortune: 38 Main St Reefton. Buller District. S.I. New Zealand. ph 03 7328639.
Their dad was in London and immigrated... the sons are in their 50s & born in NZ.
Maybe a connection.

REPLY ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
From Tracey Lennox
Dear Paul Im doing research of my own and I live NZ. I came across your message while searching the Internet. I would love to be able to help you. There are only 73 people listed here in New Zealand with the name Fortune. It will cost me a total of $5 to phone them on the weekend, which I am happy to do free as I also have paid a lot of money to over seas researchers and the cost soon, adds up. I am also taking a trip to our library in Auckland were I can access all NZ marriages, births and deaths for free Regards Tracey Lennox Doulou@xtra.co.nz

REPLY ON: 08/02/2005
From Joanne Gregory , born 1974 , significant Date 0
hi there
you could also a new zealand web-site http://www.oldfriends.co.nz which has 8 people with that surname


REPLY ON: 09/12/2005
From marijke taffein , born 0 , town lincoln , significant Date 0
try the white pages in new zealand and post a letter to everybody with the name fortune ---- prob some of them are related to your father ---and u might find out mre about him --- i jusat found my partners brother after a search of 3 years on the net --- they hadnt seen each other for 40 years ...

here s the link for the white pages of new zealand