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POSTED ON: 02/01/1900 20:00:00
Lisa Petchey
terry mcallister , born 1967 , town Liverpool

My name is Lisa Petchey and I am looking for my half brother Terry McAllister. He was brought up in Wallasey Children’s Home. I think he is in the armed forces, possibly stationed in Singapore. Terry was born 17th March 1967
REPLY ON: 19/01/2007
From Terry McAllister , born 0 , town Brooklyn , significant Date 0
This is so interesting....my birthdate is March 19, and the year is off by 1 year.....

Have you found him?

REPLY ON: 28/01/2007
From lisa petchey , born 0 , town isle of wight , significant Date 0
Hi Terry,
Many thanks for replying, I did find him, he was living in Malta at the time.
We had a wonderful reunion, and still keep in touch.
Again, thanks for replying