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POSTED ON: 09/07/2006
Zena Mavis Joyce Goldman (PITT) , born 0 , significant Date 0
, town unknown

Im looking for my father who I havent seen in 15 years. He is called Norman Pitt, but has been known to use alias, one time he used the name Foley. I was born in Hereford, and was called Zena Pitt at birth. My mother was called Sonia Mapp at the time and she was from Tenbury Wells. She left my Dad when I was about 18 months old. I know my father has been in Prison on several occassions, and has spent some time in Gloucester HMP. His family were from the Cleehonger area in Hereford. I remember his mother was called Joyce, and he had quite a few brothers and sisters. I remember one being called Rose. I also remember he had a neice called Cerri. If any one has any information relating to his whereabouts I would be grateful

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