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Posting a Message on Message Match

As a User of Message Match, you have access to the following facilities:

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You can ask for help in composing your message for the best chance of success. You can also ask us about any aspect of searching, for example we can tell you about the Official Adoption Contacts Register, different regulations in different countries, and guide you to specialist sites, e. g. genealogy, armed services, automatic directories, etc.

Posting Your Message - Compose your message carefully in advance. Read other messages to give yourself the best ideas. Draft what you want to say on paper or as a Word document. When you are happy with the best possible text, type it into the box below, and submit. Don�t forget the importance of time scale - year of birth is usually the most important common link between you and someone you are looking for, but years of other events of birth and marriage are important as well.

Please try to follow some UKPF rules in order to make searching easier for everybody.

  1. Do not abbreviate names or places.
  2. Use the full name of the person you are searching for.
  3. Add as much detail as you can include friends and relatives names.
  4. Dates of Birth.

We advise you not to display your email address or any other personal details as they may be used by anyone with access to a PC

None of your personal details will be shown on the web. Your email address will also not be shown. If somebody recognises your details, they can reply by clicking on the reply button. This will not reveal your email address, so there is no risk of nuisance, and you have the choice of responding or not to any messages you receive.

Before posting your message on our MessageMatch Boards, have a look at some of the messages posted there already. Then compose your message carefully. Once you have posted your message you may return to the message by logging onto MessageMatch. Each message is unique and can be identified by the title it is given at creation. From the MessageMatch page you will be able to edit previously posted messages. From your own MessageMatch login page you can view all responses to your messages. This will save you having to trawl through all of the messages on the message board pages in order to view your responses. You will also see from there further information about the responses to your message.

Anyone in the world can reply to an original message. There is no charge to reply and no details are required at that stage. The amount and detail of information submitted is totally dependent on the respondent.

UKPeopleFinder finds and reunites numerous individuals each week either through direct commissions, through the MessageMatch system or as a combination of both.

If you have any queries regarding the services provided or have any problems with the site generally please email by clicking below. If you cannot obtain the information you need about someone who has replied to you or written a message on the boards please mail our support team by clicking on the link below. UKPF - Customer Services